Freelance project w/Matt, Owner of North Side Custom Skis

Some napkin sketches, images and a this forwarded email.  now its time to…

[ *insert vector back ground music, O yeah, just did that ]

Getting the thumbs up email from the client always feels awesome.

My friends where better ski builders than they where graphic artists. I was glad to help with this project. I was only given a couple of reference images and the email above and this is what I came up with. I did not get a chance to see the final ski in real life but this was the ending comp that was sent along with all the formal production files. They said he was super stoked. 

Some female options I did for a friend

This was a set of looks for a birthday present. The white graphics with the grateful dead logo embedded was the winner. I heard they shredded just as good as they looked.

Blanket Glacier – Near Revelstock BC

I had Illustrated a birthday card for my dads 70th then used it as the graphic for a pair of custom skis for his 72nd!

My own boards 😉

I had the absolute pleasure talking with Sean on the first and second custom board with Donek!!

I went with a winter camo pattern with a natural wood texture for each shade. Loved the design so much, when I was able to go for a second board (73 Hazelwood Split this time) I wanted to utilize the same graphics but this time add a claw strike on the tail to elude to the heroism of the kill tags added to the tail…. makes for some fun lift line humor. I only hunt snow flakes and my climbing skins look like dead squirrels Ha!

Thank you for taking that ride with me.

Little more about me,

I was fortunate, at a young age to have been drug into the deep woods at a time when beacons had wired ear plugs and everyone was still kinda making their own shit to get back into the goods. I’m an “alpine enthusiast” with a strong, structured, engrained approach to design.

Im sooooo, excited for the opportunity (if even temporary) to jam with you and the entire Donek team and crank through the tidal wave of custom art requests, right now and this season.

I also have >> extensive corporate portfolio here << but I feel this page does a good job representing me and my passions for “turning the parts into a whole”.

Please give me a call at (406) 570-0190 or Cary@SnoLineDesign.com

It would be great to hear from you and look forward to helping you out!!

Submerged somewhere deep in the British Columbia Backcountry, Circa late 80’s


Here is a design for a disc golf tournament this weekend 9/9-10/23 in the Bozeman MT area! If you know any enthusiasts in the area please let them know about this one. Cheers!