Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. From all things Pantone 350u, to messaging and imagery, every aspect was strict and resulted in a very cohesive display.

Agency Work – Freelance
O’berry Collaborative – Little Joe Design
My Role(s)
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Production Management
Skills Involved
Concepting, Branding & Identity, Packaging, Digital & Traditional Pre-press, Photography, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Web Design, HTML/CSS & WordPress
Tools used
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premier, Digital Photography & Video

8GREENS came to the table with a good deck of branded imagery and graphics, and many celebrity endorsements. TheĀ  modernizing of the different logo elements into one, was the first of many little tweaks for all of these branded assets to be seamless from the biggest of events to the smallest of nutritional details. Before you knew it I was deep in holiday animations, packaging updates and custom display units. At the end of our relation I worked directly/freelance with the 8GREENS team maintaining consistency and printing accuracy in their ever growing set of packs, boxes and labels.

Small touches for new audiences

Taking existing content, adding updated branding, imagery, logosĀ  and titles, for areas where sound is generally off. This was a simple project, adding value and giving new life to existing and often times expensive productions.

Branding | Packaging | Display

Branding | Ads | Animated Ads