I worked with a local metal artisan to help create a memorable and defendable object that is already steeped in financial lore.

Agency Work
O’berry Collaborative
My Role(s)
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Production Management
Skills Involved
Concepting, Branding & Identity, Illustration, Digital & Traditional Pre-press, Web Design
Tools used
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

From logo up I created a memorable brand with a graphical approach and styling that can be utilized well into the future.

WealthVest had complex financial scenerios and terms that where illustrated in chart form, giving clients a way to visualize WV’s approach.

We worked with Wade and the WealthVest team concepting financial products and white papers, webinar, and sales materials. My highlight would be working with the Montana Film Company to shoot and edit the promo video shot in their new office space in Bozeman Montana.

Self Promo Video

Working with Montana Film Company to bring the vision to reality. WealthVest’s new office location in Bozeman had wonderful areas to shoot and collaborate with MFC’s production staff. This project was a great success, solidifying WealthVest as a go-to choice for young professionals looking to join a vibrant team.

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